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GRP - FRP & Pultrusion Testing Equipments



  • Machine is suitable for Heat deflection test.
  • Machine having a analogue dial gauge, digital dial gauge or computer interfacing model
  • Maximum no of stations up to 3stations.
  • Machine according to IS: 4985, ASTM-1525,ASTM-648,ISO or other equivalent standard.
  • Oil bath made from stainless steel and machine outer body from Mild steel with powder coating and immerse type heater fitted is provided. Oil bath design to avoid leakage and maintenance free.
  • Computer interfacing facility with new version of DSH'S most advance and easy to operate software in case of software interfacing model.
  • High power cooling system provide with all models.


  • Machine having different models with different pressure capacity.
  • All the models are work as short term as well as long term.
  • DSH having a Digital model and Analogue models.
  • All our models are air less systems; no pneumatic pumps are used for
    pressure development.
  • Pressure range up to 50bars, 100bars and 200bars. (as per customer's requirements)
  • Digital Pressure tester having facility of digital output and printer output, we also having facility of computer connectivity software.
  • Digital machine up to 100bars we provide least count 00.01bars and accuracy better than 1% of full scale.
  • Suitable standard IS, ASTM, ISO or other equivalent standard.
  • Power supply: 3phase+Neutral+Earth Table top model.


  • Machine as per ASTM D-256
  • Analogue type model suitable for IZOD-CHARPY testing.
  • Pendulum impact type hammer fitted to find out energy of breaking material.
  • Machine maximum capacity up to 15joules.
  • Motorized notch cutter also provide with the machine for notching of the samples.