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  • Load capacity : Different capacity model from 10kg (100N) to 20tonnes (200kN)
  • Load accuracy : Load accuracy as per depend on to capacity of load cell.
  • Mechanical structure : High grade steel gives unmatched performance, accuracy and precision. High axial stiffness-reduces machine compliance while increasing speed and displacement accuracy when specimen under load.
  • Cross head driven : Cross head driven by conventional screw and nut, guided & supported by hardened, ground finished and hard chrome plated tie rods. Sliding on bushes allowing the cross head motion. Ball screw driven mechanism is also available on demand.
  • Traveling length : Maximum travel from grip to grip is 800mm at extension least count of 0.01mm. Higher length is also available on demand(optional).
  • *Speed selection : Speed controlling by variable speed drive and speed range is from 1mm/min to 200mm/min. or 1mmmin to 500mm/min on demand. For economy application variable speed AC drives is used and in most accuracy application servo control system is also available on demand.
  • Controlling device : Microprocessor based user's friendly with mark identification key operating controlling system.
  • *Computer interfacing facility & software: Machines have serial output for direct connection to computers for testing with windows™ software. Profile based software to start the test quicker, and run test fast. Gives full control of test parameters with auto set-up of the tester. Full test is analysis with statistical and graphical print-out. A report is enhancement package for long term statistics and control charts with exports in Excel™ data sheet format.
  • Grips: Choose from a wide range of grips and fixtures for tension, compression, flexural, shear, peel, puncture and product testing.
  • Result and parameters: Max Load, Max Elongation, Yield force, Yield Elongation, Break force break elongation, GPD, Denier other customized at least two direct result value facility in corporate with the controlling unit.
  • Mode of test: Tensile as well as compression test facility available, mode selection via software. No need to change mode every times before starting the new test.
  • Safety features : Over load protection, reverse direction load protection, Maximum elongation protection for load cell. Both the side limit switches fitted as an additional facility.